Genuine Swarovski Crystal Bling Set

SKU: GKit Crystal Set

If one isn’t yet impressed with the quality and refinement that our body art has to offer, hearts will pound and jaws will drop when you CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Carefully chosen designs and colors can be exquisitely enhanced with the diamond-like highlights.

Brides, young women and fans of body art everywhere, can sparkle and shine with the splendor of Swarovski accents that Glimmer Body Art is so proud to partner with.

Genuine Swarovski Crystal Bling Set contents:

120 Swarovski Crystals in total; 6 jars of SS16 Swarovski Crystals (60 in total) and 6 jars of SS20 Swarovski Crystals (60 in total) 

1 Glimmer Body Glue (10ml)

1 Tweezer

1 Couture Glitter Clutch Bag.


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