Get Inked Pro Kit

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NO Pain, ALL Gain!
Relaunched 2018 with More Stencils! Get Inked Pro Kit answers the question “do you have anything other than glitter?!” (typically asked of boys, teens and adults)
Well, NOW we do!!
When used with our patented, High Definition stencils, the Get Inked Matte Black Tattoo Gel creates real-looking tattoo without pain and permanence. Waterproof and lasting up to 3-5 days, Get Inked is a great alternative to henna and dries in HALF the time!
All of the High-Definition stencil Designs in this kit allow you to cater to teens and adults who have always wanted to take a walk on the wild side! The amount of “realness” and detail that you are able to create will have them coming back for seconds (and thirds!). Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested.

Get Inked Pro Kit Contents: 

240 Small HD Get Inked Stencils (20 different Designs- 12 pcs of each design; stencil size 2.3" x 2.8"):
Butterfly, Cascading Butterflies, Dragonfly, Swallow, Seahorse, Circles, Sphere, Lacey Heart, Geo Flower, Endless Heart, Cameo, Hibiscus, Rose, Diamond, Key, Crown, Feather, Kiss, Stars, & Snowflakes

80 Medium HD Get Inked Stencils (20 different Designs- 4 pcs of each design; stencil size 4.8" x 4.5"):
Proverbs, Twin Stars, Quills, Butterfly Trio, Rose Bouquet, Starburst, Twin Swallows, Koi Trio, Peacock, Dragon, Peacock Feather, Spiral Necklace, Charm Necklace, Jewels, Shell Bracelet, Pinwheel, Stargazer, Skulls & Roses, Accents I, & Accents II

24 Large HD Get Inked Stencils (12 different Designs- 2pcs of each design; stencil size: 6" x 8.8"):
Chandelier Set, Champagne Dreams, Diamond Drops, Chains, Cuff Set, Cherry Blossom, Proud Peacock, Proud Peacock Feather, Angel Wings, Phoenix, Koi, & Fire Breather

4 tubes of Get Inked Matte Black Gel

2 Matte Edge Applicator

2 packs of Disposable Trays (50 trays in total)

1 set of Display Posters (6 posters in total, 8" x 10" each)

2 jars of Setting Powder

1 Black Carrying Case


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